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Alexander's Natural

Worked with the company to design the site and then implement a custom shopping cart system. Taking into consideration the sales & marketing the site would need.


This site does a lot of work on the back-end to simplify SMS marketing for various industries such as Auto Dealerships, Realtors, and Health Clubs. Much time was spent on the UI and Design to make it easy to use from an administrative perspective by small business owners, yet powerful enough to manage a large number of SMS interactions. Learn more about SMSforSMB at

Baby Bedding

Worked with the company over the years on the technical and marketing side including plane to rebuild the site from the ground up.

Jerusalem Export

At an age where everyone is talking about technology, one of the founders humorously categorized the company as a "no-tech" company. Rebuilt the site from the ground up to make it easy and secure for clients.

Nanny Share

Worked with the Company's designed to relaunch the website after a failed attempt by a different team. The new site allows users to search for a nanny by specifying geographical locations and distance.

Nuts and Candy

Site Design & Implementation: Helped the company migrate their shopping cart system to a new shopping cart platform and at the same time redesigned the site. With over 2500 products we needed to spend quite a bit of time planning how to migrate the database of categories and products from the old system to the new one.